Common Problems on Fiat Grande Punto

As some of the blog readers know, I do like to fix my car problems by myself. This little 2007 Fiat Grande Punto is another little car I got to play with. I had the honor to prepare this car for its’ periodical technical inspection. Before purchasing this model it is a good idea to read about common problems on Fiat Grande Punto. This blog post is a list of problems I found on my car, as well as a review and a summary of problems I found on Fiat Grande Punto owner forums.

Car Interior quality

The interior quality surprised me in a good way. My girlfriend’s Fiat Grande Punto is a 2007 1.3 JTD diesel hatchback with more than 270 000km on it. All the plastic parts look excellent, the build quality is very decent, and there are no annoying sounds coming from the friction of plastics. Apart from the seats being very dirty, the only really noticeable thing is the foot rest. The carpet has a hole there because this part wasn’t covered by a plastic. Another noticeable thing is the steering wheel paint peeling off. I have noticed that this is a very common thing for this model. To repair this I believe the steering wheel should be taken off, the rest of this coat removed and it should be resprayed using special paint.

Rear axle subframe corrosion

This problem probably is only relevant for those who live in rainy weather countries. The rear axle subframe corrosion was one of the reasons why my car didn’t pass the periodical technical inspection. The rear axle subframe is rather easy to replace, but it’s quite expensive, in my case this part cost nearly as much as I paid for the whole car in year 2021. So when purchasing such model – be sure to check the rear axle subframe condition.

Jack points corrosion

Again this is very subjective, but definitely worth a check when buying this model. The original jack is metal, and whenever you jack the car paint get damaged and the jack points become weaker because of corrosion. In my case they were still stable, but I could really see how they could easily rust if I left them as they are. I removed the rust, sealed the shiny metal with epoxy primer and gave the jack points some anti-gravel spray to create a protective layer.

EGR valve for diesel engines

I have checked a few fiats with diesel engines. Two of them had a very slow gas pedal reaction time. One of them was nearly unresponsive to the gas pedal. Clogged EGR valve is a very common cause for such problems.

Turbo problems

Especially for higher mileage cars like mine, be sure to check if the turbo is working properly, there’s no white or black smoke coming out of exhaust and there’s no smell of burning oil. In my case the turbo looks original, but the oil feed pipe seal is bad and it’s leaking oil.

Engine problems

The 1.3 JTD Multijet engine is really well built, it’s a common rail injection engine. Be sure to check if the RPM is stable and there’s no black residue or diesel around the injectors and you should be pretty much good to go.

Car body rust problems

The car body condition probably requires the most attention in my case. The trunk lid already has some rust around the window, I can already see some chipped paint on the bottom of it too, so the whole edge will become rusty too. The front wheel arches are fine, but the bottom part of the front wings does have some rust. The front doors are fine, but the drivers doorstep does have some rust. I believe this happened because the car doesn’t have plastic protection on the doorsteps so debris and friction for the doors closing created a perfect condition for some rust to appear. The rear wheel arches already have some rust too. All these places are pretty much “standard” rust spots you would normally check on a used car. They are not very bad, and the metal quality seems really fine, there’s plenty of the thickness left to do a proper rust repair without welding.


I am pleasantly surprised with the build quality of this car. I bought a very cheap option which required some rust repair, chassis repair and an engine wash. The parts were cheap to purchase and easy to replace. So I do give this car a good rating and I can recommend this model for someone who needs a cheap little car.

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Common Problems on Fiat Grande Punto
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